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Stanza Four: The Stormhammer (Early Access)

Stanza Four: The Stormhammer (Early Access)


Trying to cope with the emotional wounds of losing Armintus and Cassanrda in the same cycle, Bayan Stormhammer agrees to have his name redacted from the official ranks of the Subarii and have it replaced with the moniker, "The Stormhammer." With intense focus and a group of non-Subarii to help hide his movements, The Stormhammer sets out to find those who violated the Code and bring them to justice. 

Apart from the Stormhammer's journey, Z'Kara Seriya embarks on one of her own. She knows that Ashir Darklaw is responsible for Cassandra's death, but what she discovers on her mission to find where he is hiding will rattle the realm to its core.

This title is currently in Early Access. You will be able to read the story as it is being written and you will get an email of any free promotions done for the title. You may also choose to pre-order the work in your format of choice.

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