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Since an early age, Mordicai knew that it was his destiny to grow strong and protect his people. Upon entering the Circle of Fei, the one who would become known as the Awebringer ascended its ranks quickly.

Tirelessly, he trained and honed his skill so that no matter what the threat was that threatened his precious home, he would be there to stand in its way. As his name became known across the whole of his people, Mordicai’s pride grew. It took the Harbinger of Change to remind him of his true purpose.

Knowing that the best way to defend his people is to increase his own strength, Mordicai sets out to kill the FeiSpring and take the mighty beast’s fei as his own. It’s in the final moments of that battle that the Awebringer reflects back on his life.

These are those thoughts.


"Awebringer" is part of Timothy Morris' epic fantasy series, The Collision of Worlds. It is intentionally written in the style of a memoir to capture the raw emotion of a character who always seemed quite stoic to those around him.

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